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A Heartbreaking Message

It breaks my heart to have to write this.

On Friday 16th May, Norman Parrington passed away suddenly at his home in Ripon with his son by his side. He was one of the healthiest and active men I have ever known, even at the age of 85. Although we did not know the full extent of his illness, Norman had a very aggressive cancer in him that his body was unable to fight any longer.
The last time I saw Norman was when I took some photographs of him and he seemed in perfect health, he was making a shed when we arrived!!
You never know what is going to happen tomorrow, just like my Grandad, Norman would tell anyone to live life to the fullest and to enjoy everything that you do.
I’m so sorry that Norman will never be able to see his photographs in our exhibition. I know he was so excited to be a part of it. Speaking to Norman’s son, I discovered that he had not taken any photographs of his Dad all year and he was so pleased to learn of the project I had created with him. All the images of Norman will be given to his loving family to who I send my deepest condolences.

Photography is not just an everyday luxury that anybody can use to document something. It captures important and incredible moments that freeze a perfect moment in time for you to save forever. It creates ever lasting memories.

I am so proud to of known and spent so much time with Norman Parrington.

Whilst looking through my Grandad’s old hand made photo albums and research some online,to make sure I made mine perfectly, I found a running theme. Each album had photographs mounted onto black paper, something I always wanted to use, as it works perfectly with photography prints. I also saw how photographs were attached to the paper; woth photo corners/tabs, I shall use these in my books also.

My space is all ready for the exhibition project!!
I chose each of these four photographs for very specific reasons. The subjects all helped me pick their favourite images from each photoshoot. Each of these photographs, I believe, show exactly how each subject wanted to be seen.

This image was taken by fashion photographer and a friend of mine Tom Betts.

This image was taken by fashion photographer and a friend of mine Tom Betts.

I really like the work of Martin Newth. Newth recently came into Teesside University to host a talk on his work. I also was luck enough to have a group crit and tutorial with Newth, 
Whilst he gave me a lot of inspiration for my project whilst talking to me, I also gained a lot of inspiration from his work. He works with many different concepts and techniques to create beautiful art work. 

These images were also taken by Rena Effendi, and artist who also works with both colour and black and white photography. I think dependant on the content and context of these photographs, black and white and colour work as well as one another. 

I am still hugely influenced in everything I do by Martin Parr. I have always loved his bright and garish comical photographs from around the world.

However, after seeing these images of Parr’s in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, I couldn’t believe they were by the same artist. These images prove how black and white photographs can create a whole new feeling compared to a colour photograph. 

I have presented my work in many different ways. I have taken a lot of inspiration from Paul Graham and how he presents his photographs. I often use this method in my studio space, however, I think this concept is too cluttered and confusing for an exhibition with the content of my photographs also. I think they speak a lot better for themselves when they are by themselves. 

I love the work of Sally Mann. Her black and white photographs are so powerful and peaceful. They are so much more than family snapshots. 

These portraits work perfectly in black and white; the contrasting tones bring out the figures and lead the eye perfectly around the image. 

The Battle We Didn't Choose

This is such a beautiful and inspiring story about a couples battle with breast cancer. Their photographs document the painful journey together and how they fought together.